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Seeing this page can only mean one thing for you, that complete boredom will soon be following. It appears that you've managed to stumble upon the home page for the world-renowned evil villain, Pong.

QuotePong is currently 35 years old with his birthday being on November 29th. At the present time Pong is residing in the television cables and airwaves. Through these, he travels all around the world at the speed of light.

On average Pong makes approximately 54,163 people bored and 65,413,285 people nostalgic per week.

No one is for sure what pong's height, width, and weight is. It has been estimated that his height is around 37 pixels, and his width is about 38 pixels. His weight varies upon what medium he is traveling in, but since he usually travels via the internet (since it's the fastest), it's been estimated that he has a z-index of 418,461,524,846,189,789,461,524. Thus making him the heaviest thing on the web page and therefore, it can't show anything but him.

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