J. Kenny Loveall
Web Designer/Programmer and Lighting Designer

Web Design

Professional Websites

These websites are or were for professional organizations.

Choice Tutoring

Choice Tutoring Screen Shot

This website is my current job and I've redesigned and programmed it from the ground up. Most of the programming projects are in the management side. These features include text message notifications, scheduling of appointments and practice tests, exporting billing information from the website to quickbooks, and many other things. The site was built using PHP and a MySQL database and many user interactions use jQuery.

Kathrine Burkhart: A Particular Perspective

Kathrine Burkhart: A Particular Perspective Site Screen Shot

This website was for a friend's online theatre portfolio. She designed the site and I coded it including a PHP-based photo gallery that she can easily update by just uploading new pictures.

Other Websites

These websites are other websites that I have done since high school with friends or just for fun.


ReactImg Screen Shot

This is a website that a friend asked me to build. It originally started out as just a simple PHP script that displayed a grid of all the images in a folder. It has since grown into a massive program that uses a MySQL database and supports multiple users, image hit statistics, uploading of .zip files of images, and tags on the images to quickly find the one that you are looking for.

It is completely Smarty-template based allowing him to design the layout of it while I worked on the PHP/MySQL back end which is entirely hand coded. I also helped him with some of the HTML/CSS as this was the first website he has done. This site is currently a work in progress and has the features listed above with more currently being planned/implemented.

Javascript Minesweeper

This minesweeper game was created as a programming challenge, however I took the challenge and expanded it out to add in more features. Specifically these were being able to double click on cells, flagging, and question-marking cells. This was also the first thing that I wrote that was entirely in javascript and really introduced me to the language.

Educational Websites

These websites were all created as a part of my Webmastering class in high school.

Websites created using Dreamweaver

Self-Created Super Hero Website

Super Hero Website Screenshot

This was our final website to make in Webmastering and involved us editing images to make us into our super heros and then creating all content on the site and the design for it.

Ken's Kool Kars

Ken's Kool Kars Website Screenshot

This is a website for a fictional car company including photo gallery made in Dreamweaver.

Alamo Informational Website

Alamo Informational Website Screenshot

This was a continuation of our introduction into Dreamweaver.

Mount Rushmore Informational Website

Mt. Rushmore Website Screenshot

This was the first major website we built with Dreamweaver as an introduction into the program and it's capabilities.

Websites hard-coded in HTML and CSS

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week Website Screenshot

This website was created to promote Red Ribbon Week at our school.

Heartland Equality

Heartland Equalty Website Screenshot

This website was hard-coded as our second website.

Web Design Principals Website

Web Design Principals Website Screenshot

This website was hard-coded as an introduction into the principals of web design and HTML and CSS.