J. Kenny Loveall
Web Designer/Programmer and Lighting Designer


Flash projects completed in my Webmastering Class (click on any title to see the animation).

Presidential Website

Screenshot of Presidential Website

This was a website we created for a mock election for the 2008 Presidental Election. It was made using Flash CS3 and Fireworks CS3.

School Outline Animation

Screenshot of School Outline Animation

This was an animation we did using a mask layer and then animating the reveal to create the white lines.

Pacman Animation (not playable, just an animation)

Screenshot of Pacman Animation

This animation was done to better our skills in overall animating and better our understanding of keyframes and symbols.

Stock Photos Animation

Screenshot of Stock Photos Animation

This was the second animation we did as an introduction to scenes

School Logo Sunburst

Screenshot of School Logo

This was the first animation we did as an introduction into Flash CS3.